Small Shelf Styling

Small Shelf Styling

Styling Small Shelves

Today, let's talk tiny shelves! Everyone has a tricky spot in their home where styling gets tough.  For me, it was this shelving unit attached to the end of my kitchen cabinet uppers.  These shelves are not really that useful in terms of storing items, but they do add a custom feel to the run of cabinetry. I have switched out the decor here a few times over the years, but have settled on these items recently. 


A couple of general rules to keep in mind when you style small shelves.


  1. Keep the proper scale of item size.  This is a small space, so keep things in perspective. Don't crowd up the full available height and width on every shelf. Play around with items until a balanced look of sizing is achieved. 


  1. Keep consistent with your color palette.  If you have an accent color throughout your home, keep using it here. Since my cabinetry is wood, I chose to go with white and gray as accents in my kitchen. 


  1. Add a bit of life using greenery or flowers. I would love to say that this little plant is real, but sadly, my home is not very plant-friendly. Greenery gives your home a little something extra. Plants also have a way of grounding any set of decor; bring it back to the OG home decor provider, mother nature.  


  1. The rule of threes. When you want to showcase a group of similar objects together, it tends to look most natural as a group of three.  When you group items in even numbers, it may look too staged, so always use an odd number on a shelf.  I know this rule can be stressful for any type-A people out there, myself included, who like order and neatness, but this rule will serve you best in the world of decorating. 


  1. Mix and match decorative and useful items.  In this case, I placed my most decorative items on the top shelf, where they can look pretty, and they are safe.  Plants and flowers need occasional care, watering, etc., so that went on the middle shelf, where it is still within reach. The bottom shelf, the most accessible item, is also the most used item - a basket! Oh, the possibilities of what I can hide in this cute woven basket. Currently, its housing my favorite essential oils for the diffuser in the kitchen. Items I like to have close by, but don't necessarily want to look at constantly. 



These simple tricks can help you stay focused when styling your home. 

Please feel free to email me with any styling questions. 

See you on the next blog!



Andrea Russell

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