Guest Room Makeover

Guest Room Makeover

Guest Room Makeover


Our guest bedroom was becoming a catch-all for random things in our home.  It was the room I would walk by and turn my head so I wouldn't have to 'deal with it.' 

Like most people, I didn't have time or the budget to do something totally drastic and get all new everything. 

So, I started small.  A year ago, I bought two new bedside tables.  Months later, I decided to work on a digital mood board to compile any new items in a visual manner where I could see them all together.  That design board evolved a lot over time. I kept searching and browsing online for different bedding options, wall art, a statement rug, and table lamps.  When I started to get overwhelmed by the possibilities, I took a break.  I stood in my living room and thought, why wouldn't I try and carry over some of the color and feelings I love so much in that room, into the guest bedroom? So, I started back with new intentions. Keep the feeling light and airy, with gray and white tones, sort of beach-y, like a vacation.  The goal became creating a room where I would want to relax in at the end of a stressful day.  Cozy bedding. Neutral colors that don't over-stimulate the brain. Wood tone furniture for a touch of warmth. And greenery of some kind.  

What I kept -

-The tan linen fabric headboard - I was unsure on the color at first, but I feel like it brings in a sandy element to a coastal feeling room, so it stayed. 

-The walnut desk (not shown) which serves as a place to write, put on makeup, and it also holds the television. 

-As for greenery, I went classic with a fiddle leaf fig tree to add some dimension and life to the corner. This was previously in another room. 


What I bought - 

-This West Elm herringbone flannel duvet cover - it is so dreamy soft and warm!

-The crisp white Crate & Barrel euro pillow covers - they offer a nice contrast to the gray bedding.

-All of the art is printed and framed by Minted. I love these pieces! The little pink car photograph and the turquoise bicycle photograph add a playful touch to an otherwise subdued mood in the room.

- Paint - The walls were next up to receive a fresh color, Sheep's Wool by Benjamin Moore.

- Lighting - To round out the new crisp feeling, I chose white on white lamps from Wayfair for the bedside tables.   


The end product is something I love.  I'm sure it will be tweaked a bit over time, but I love the peaceful feeling in this room! 

Finished Photos - 





Before - 

This room was just blah. No character, no style. 




Andrea Russell

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