De-coding Design Style

De-coding Design Style

Cozy Coastal Living Room

When I have to describe my 'design style', I have a hard time nailing it down. But I think that is the essence of how I work. I like to adapt. I don't like being stuck in a box. My style has evolved over time, not based on trends, but based on how I feel and what I need from a particular space. 

Last year was a whirlwind for so many people and for so many reasons. Working from home forces you to re-evaluate your surroundings.  Sometimes it means making changes.  That is my daily routine.  Working as a design consultant for Home Sweet Home Builders, LLC, I spend my days coordinating and purchasing finishes for client renovations (tile, cabinetry, lighting etc.). I see a lot of variance in personal style. I also see a lot of the same styles being used over and over.  I suppose that my daily exposure to the overwhelming amount of 'style' choices pushed my to want less in my own home. When I say less, I mean choose a few statement pieces of furniture, neutral rugs and textiles, and just less clutter.  

serena & lily pillow

I finally feel like my living room is at an almost 'done' status.  There are a few small things left, like paint, but overall, it has the vibe I was looking for. Cozy and coastal. It may be boring to you, but it's just what I need. Toned down to a few colors overall, and some fun colors here and there, but a place for my brain to slow down at the end of the day. 

Bookcase Styling

I love these matching bookcases.  They are just big enough as not to overwhelm the room, and have just enough space to decorate and not be overly cluttered. 

living room

 The focus of this room was cozy, first and foremost. This large sofa with chaise lounge and oversized chair were the first purchases, from Maiden Home. They are very comfortable from day one, and are great quality. 

Next, I needed a large rug. I didn't plan on layering two rugs, but the white jute on its own seemed a little plain. I picked up this gray and white herringbone patterned flat-weave rug, which is the same color/style as my hallway runner. Consistency of color and style allows those two spaces to flow and feel connected. 

The bookcases are from Crate & Barrel, which I love. They are very sturdy, and I love that you can see through the backs to showcase the board and batten we installed on the wall. 

Creating a feature wall adds a little bit of texture and warmth to the room, but keeping it all white allows it to sit back and let the decor shine.   

"These are a few of my favorite things..." 

Everything on these bookcase shelves is something I chose on purpose, not just to fill space.  The baskets on both of the bottom shelves are storage for things like tv equipment, speakers, and lots of boardgames. It's a sneaky way to keep everything we need in reach, but still look tidy.  

Pillows and blankets add instant softness to all the otherwise hard or fragile looking decor.  I mixed vintage pieces and books, with some Gray Ranch pieces to create an eclectic mix of things, but keeping a simple color palette. 

Grays, light blues, white and a touch of pink. That is the color palette I always return to. It evokes a feeling of being near the coast to me.  This is the mood I need at this time in my life. A visual escape to a more relaxing place. Give me all the sunshine, beach breezes, and the smell of coconut and I am a happy camper.  Even if I just get ten minutes to sit and pretend, that will do. 

Whatever design style speaks to you the most, go with your gut, not what's trending. You'll be happiest when your space speaks to your heart :)  


What's your favorite part of this room? Let me know in the comments. 










Andrea Russell

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