Creating a "Home Safe Home"

Creating a "Home Safe Home"

 It’s the most wonderful time of the year…Spring Cleaning time!

You’ve “Marie Kondo-d” your home and got rid of the clutter…that’s great! Let’s take that a step further and clean out the artificial chemicals, fragrances, and other toxins lurking in your newly refreshed space! 

I am sitting down to write this post purely to share, because, well, sharing is caring, right? Working from home over the past few years has truly allowed me to analyze and create a simpler and more importantly, healthier home. Simplifying your home means more than just surrounding yourself with less and using only what you need; to me, it means having an arsenal of products that are made from simple, real ingredients. Enter: Essential Oils


Question: Does anyone else experience headaches when using products like Windex and other ‘powerful cleaners’? I was, so I did some research and found out that the scented products I was using were mostly artificially created scents to mimic lemons or lavender fields. Wait…yuck! I started reading ingredient lists on everything. When you see “fragrance” or “parfum” on a product label, that company is claiming a proprietary mixture of ingredients (secret formula) and full disclosure of that list to the public is not required on their labels. Not cool. While I was cleaning my home, breathing in these mysterious chemical blends, and feeling dizzy, I stopped to think about that fact that if I am having an external reaction to this product, what is it doing to my insides? 

Let’s be real, who has the time to shop at multiple retailers to ensure all your products are naturally-derived? When you’re pressed for time, or if you’ve got a toddler running down the aisles in Market Basket, you likely grab and go. This purchasing action is largely based on great marketing – a nice label with flowers or fruit, or a tempting ‘ocean breeze’ scent – let’s go make my home smell like a vacation! But do we really know what is in that product? To be clear, I would never tell you to stop purchasing these items; again, just sharing some things I have learned.  

This is the reason I am sharing Young Living with you. Their essential oils are the highest quality you will find in the market (, and pure essential oils are the ‘it factor’ in better skincare, plant-based cleaning products, food and vitamins, pet items, gentle baby wipes and lotions, you name it. Young Living has become my one-stop-shop where I can buy all of these things and more. 

The thing I love the most is the fact that I no longer wonder or worry about harmful chemicals lingering on my clothes, countertops, or in the air of my home. I know these products are safe to use and even can aid in improving the overall health and wellness of my family. Win-win right there. That was enough incentive for me to jump onboard the essential oil lifestyle train, which I totally would have laughed at you a year ago if you told me I would be here today.  

The online shopping experience is great. I can log into my account and set up recurring monthly shipments of all of my favorite items. Everything from laundry and dish soap, essential oil blends for my diffuser, toothpaste, vitamins, and the amazing Ningxia antioxidant drink.  


If you are interested in signing up, join my team here:

*You will definitely want to be part of this team for access to all the resources you could dream of, exclusive Facebook group, sharing how to use your oils, and fun giveaways!  

Please note: there is absolutely no commitment of recurring purchases. I highly encourage if you join to do it as a distributer on my team, as you save 24% off retail pricing.   

When you go to link, you'll be prompted to choose a Starter Kit. Choose the one that fits what you're looking to try first. Trust me, you'll eventually want to try everything, but there's plenty of time to do that. 

1. Choose a starter kit.

2. Optional - Sign up for Essential Rewards to set up recurring monthly shipments. You may add and remove items each month to customize what you need. 

3. Choose a shipping date, and fill out your info. Done!  


Some of my favorite products (so far): 

Thieves Household Cleaner – this bottle of concentrated cleaner is so amazing that you can make up to 30 bottles of cleaner from it. That’s basically 1 purchase a year for most people. The signature Thieves essential oil blend is my favorite, and that is the base of this product.     


Aria Diffuser – this little gem lives on my kitchen counter.  I use it every. single. day. to diffuse different combinations of oils, depending on whether I need a boost of citrus energy, want to relax at night with lavender, or to just create a pleasant smell in the house with a beachy blend of stress away and lemon. And it’s pretty to look at!  

Laundry Soap – Love this stuff! Again, Thieves blend is at the core of this product, and my laundry has never been happier. When your clothes hit the dryer, use wool dryer balls instead of dryer sheets loaded with chemicals. Just add drops of your favorite essential oils to the dryer balls to make your laundry smell amazing instead!

Ningxia – I was hesitant at first on this drink, but got 2 sample packets in my starter kit, and oh my goodness, it is so tasty. If you’re a fan of berries, you will love this stuff. I add mine into some sparkling water, for a little boost of bubbly goodness. And the healthy benefits on this drink are worth purchasing, even if you never re-order any other product! 


If you have read this far, thank you! I hope this was helpful! Please let me know if you have questions or are curious about any products. I am happy to provide samples if you are on the fence about joining. 

Happy Spring!


Andrea Russell

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